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Welcome to our Forestfield Kennels Westies Website

  Forestfield is owned by Richard and Dale Davison of Cambridge, Ontario.  We breed only West Highland Terriers and all our ladies and gents are raised in a family setting in our home.  In our home they learn to get along and play with other dogs and people.  Each day they each go for a leashed 15 minute walk three times a day, in all kinds of weather.
Before a Westie is accepted for breeding they must prove themselves in the following ways.  They must have great temperment, be outgoing, freindly to all and look great.  Second they must meet the breed standard for West Highland Terriers as proof of this they are canadian champions plus many will have completed a UKC champion.  Third requirement is health,  we want no genetic disease in the blood line if they don`t pass this they don`t enter our breeding program.  We also look for skin problems, a nice hard white coat, and dark skin pigmentation.  We do this to insure our puppies live long, happy and health lives with their adopted family.
We are selective in choosing our prospective homes so if your interested in a Forestfield puppy prepare to be ask a lot of questions.  Do your homewrok and be perpared for a puppy, they need you to make a life long commitment to their well being.

What they need
Westies needs are a little more then average dogs.  They need to be groomed regularly to keep a healthy coat.  They need regular excercise and attention.  They are very athletic and can jump onto 3 to 4 foot ledges or the couch.

Richard's Bio
I've been breeding and showing dogs and cattle for over 30 years.  I strive to have the healthiest and best show quality animals possible.  I am now retired but had work with the organization Habitat for Humanity on a daily basis building homes for the less fortunate. 

Why we show our dogs

We show our Westies to make sure they conform to the breed specs.  This also lets us meet and talk with other breeders.  This keeps our dogs in top form and is really fun for both us and the dogs.

westie puppies
Westie Puppies

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